Increase the volume of the music! 6:47

4:41 The Closer I Get To You

6:48 – Everybody Dance

5:43 I Wish

6:27 More Than A Little Bit

6:44 Ride The Groove

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VANGUARD is the manufacturer.

The first time it was made available was on June 3, 2011.



United Kingdom is the country of origin.

1 number of CDs

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A Increase the volume of the music!


The album was packaged in a picture sleeve.

Turn The Music Up! was also released in a red PYE business “Disco” sleeve with “Limited Edition”-printing.

(1979 Vanguard Recording Society Inc.) Remix from the Album “Turn the Music Up!” (BPM 120)

1977 Vanguard Recording Society Inc. Silkie Music (MCPS) (BPM 119-123) Remix from the Album “Born To Dance”

Pye Records Limited manufactured and distributed Ryerson Music Publications (MCPS).

Delga Press Ltd. printed and manufactured the book in England.

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Increase the volume of the music! (12″ Disco)

For Discos Only: Fantasy & Vanguard Records Indie Dance Music (1976-1981) 2018

Hangover from Love (Edit)

Pt. 1 of Vanguard Dance Classics was released in 2007.

The Mellow Sound of Get Down (Edit)

Pt. 1 of Vanguard Dance Classics was released in 2007.

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Turn Up The Volume! – 12″ Disco

The Players’ Association is a non-profit organization that represents players. Craft Recordings, a division of Concord Music Group, Inc., is a registered trademark of Concord Music Group, Inc.

Craft Recordings, a part of Concord Music Group, Inc., released this compilation in 2018.

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Ray’s name is Ray.



Posted on 2020-02-07 by OLH Janeway

For the time being, the OLH journal is no longer accepting unsolicited general submissions. It is currently only dedicated to publishing specially curated Special Collections on a specific topic or theme. For further information, see the OLH Special Collections.

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19: Long Nineteenth-Century Interdisciplinary Studies

In the lengthy nineteenth century, multidisciplinary studies were popular. 19 is a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary research in the late 1800s. 19 extends the work of the Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies by making the high-quality, original scholarship presented at its regular conferences, symposia, and other events available to an international audience. It is based at Birkbeck, University of London. Every year, 19 publishes two themed issues, each with a collection of peer-reviewed articles exhibiting the most cutting-edge new research in nineteenth-century studies, as well as special forums fostering critical discourse in the field.

Check out the most recent issue Exchange of ASIANetworks

, a group of roughly 160 North American universities dedicated to advancing Asian Studies as a discipline within liberal arts education. Originally a newsletter, then a journal, the Exchange transitioned to a peer-reviewed publication in Fall 2011, focusing on professors appointed in liberal arts universities with Asian Studies programs. The ASIANetwork Exchange aims to disseminate both current research and high-quality instructional pieces authored by experts and non-experts. The editors of the journal are particularly interested in articles, players association turn the music up, book reviews, and media reviews that meet the needs of undergraduate students.

Current Architectural Histories can be found here.

that establishes a platform where historically informed research on all elements of architecture and the built environment may be shared, consulted, and debated. Historical, historiographic, theoretical, and critical contributions that engage with architecture and the built environment from a historical perspective are welcome to submit to the journal. Click here for more information and instructions on how to submit a paper. SHERPA RoMEO, Directory of Open Access Journals, has the journal indexed. EBSCOHost Emerging Sources on Google Scholar Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals (Citation Index) ANVUR ANVUR ANVUR ANVUR ANVUR (classe A – Area 8) Humanities and Social Sciences European Reference Index (ERIH PLUS) SCOPUS by Cengage Learning. Architectural Histories is also available for harvesting through OAI-PMH. Submit a suggestion Body, Space, and Technology (BST) (BST) (BST) (BST) (BST) (BST) ( BST is a major journal of contemporary artistic practice and study that joined the OLH platform in the summer of 2017. BST has established a high reputation for scholarly excellence and creativity since its inception in 2000, as well as for cultivating a global academic community around its published content. BST publishes multi-disciplinary research on creative practice that interfaces with digital technology, particularly as they relate to bodily interaction and creativity.

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C21 Literature: Journal of Twenty-First-Century Writings is now accepting submissions.

c21 literature is a publication dedicated to writings from the twenty-first century. The British Association for Contemporary Literary Studies publishes C21 Literature: Journal of 21st-Century Writings (BACLS). The journal is devoted to the study of 21st-century writing genres, forms of publication, and circulation. The increase of interest in 21st-century texts, as seen by book groups, university courses, and the rise of online publishing, has given rise to C21 Literature.



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